Suri - This orphan came into a local shelter having been abandoned in a box at the shelter front door. Suri is a happy bunny and deeply loving. Likes toys so much -needs lots to do. Lives in an x pen with fleece flooring and uses a litterbox and use...
Randi is a precious New Zealand white, female rabbit who has an expressive but sensitive nature to her. She would prefer a forever home a more quiet indoor environment with a little room where she can sprawl out and just be with lots of Timothy Hay, fresh greens and pets by a loving human in the right forever home.
Justin is an sweet Dutch bunny. He is charming and enjoys playtime so much. He is a happy and energetic rabbit. he lives in a four X 4 x pen with out time as well. He uses a litterbox, food water dishes and a hay basket. Justin enjoys western timothy hay as well as orchard grass hay. He eats a variety of green veggies such as parsley, kale, romaine lettuce and basil. He loves his salads. Justin...
Ari is an amazing lion head lop rabbit. He is beautiful. Ari needs a special home that will understand him. He has experienced some trauma in his life which has frightened him. So he needs Tender Loving Care please. Once he is picked up he will settle down and relax. We love him so very much and every day he is improving. Ari needs a home without dogs or loud stimulation. Best for mature rabbit...
Caylen is a exquisite lop female. She came into us from a shelter a few months ago with her litter. All her little ones have now found homes Now it is Caylen s time. She is a loving, sweet bunny girl. She is spayed. Caylen loves to eat Western timothy hay and orchard grass plus plenty of dark leafy greens & parsley. She is fully litterbox trained. Caylen is a cute rabbit who wants a loving, for...
Soshi is a wonderful fullgrown female bunny. She is spayed. Soshi lives indoors in a large x pen and uses her litterbox, food water dishes . She loves to snuggle in fleece. Her basic flooring is a flannel sheet. She loves greens and attention. Soshi recently lost her companion and she is lonely . If you have a bunny who wants a friend, consider precious Soshi.
The City of Stockton shouted out to the public on Facebook that they were full to the brim and were going to have to start euthanizing animals. South Bay Rabbit Rescue stepped up and took all of the rabbits that they had in the shelter to prevent them from being euthanized. This is Kalua. She is a lionhead cross and is just a sweetheart. She was found with another doe that we named Brandi. We w...
Charlotte is a sweet Holland lop mixture female rabbit who is waiting for the most perfect forever home. Sweet and accepting, she would probably love a home that would be more quiet in nature. What a adorable companion she would be to a human friend who would benefit from long periods of pets as much as she would.
Emma is a beautiful and striking rare black and Agouti mixture female. Curious and expressive, she delights in play time in her indoor xpen. She's a naturally lovable and happy girl who loves to binky. She enjoys her pellets, Timothy hay, fresh greens and an occasional treat of a knob of carrot or slice of apple. She is litterbox trained. Loves a variety of greens
A special pair and delightful babies, Bliss & Merry Bliss, the charming Dutch baby is delightful and full of love. Bunny companion Merry, a pure white bundle of joy, is also amazing. Both Love x pen living when not running about in the house. They l...
Shiro means pure white in Japanese. I was given that name because Im simply a pure joy and love doing binky when I smell treat and greens. Im a calm and friendly rabbit. My favorite thing to do is laying on tiles and napping. Im currently on alfaf...
Cloudy is young Lion Head boy. He is a smart bunny who needs toys and was the 1st to figure out the tunnels and other toys in his family's play area.
Nyle is a Lion Head boy born May 20, 2018. Wants to be on top of the world. He was the 1st of his brothers and sisters to hop to the highest point on the willow tunnels.
Maven is a gorgeous and small bunny who always runs up to greet her human. She loves to be pet and is perfect with her litter pan. She is spayed and ready for her new home....
Adopt POGO a White Other/Unknown / Mixed rabbit in Santa Cruz, CA (23460115)
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