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Bullet was dumped on Coyote Creek Rd along with several other rabbits. They were left to fend for themselves. Even though Bullet was abandoned, he still trusts humans. He has a dappled coat and chinchilla gray ears. He has some Rex in him because of ...
She is the 1st one to greet you in the morning and loves to snuggle. Was given the name baby as she was so tiny when she was born. She has grown into quite a big girl. Her breed is unknown and even the vets believe that she is a cottontail cross. D...
Midnight is a glossy black big girl. She was a rabbit that was a breeding doe for pelts. She was confiscated by Monterey SPCA and spent a couple months with them and 91 other rabbits. It was a very stressful time for her. She is very very shy and is still learning to trust humans. She needs a human of her own that will interact with her daily for hours to gain her trust. She does not bite or sc...
Awesome was part of a confiscation in which rabbits were being bred for their pelts. She has a jailhouse tattoo in her ear that says 'awesome', hence the name. Her pelt is gorgeous and soft but she is petrified of humans. For that reason she is in SBRR's free roaming area of the property. She is fed and watered and only handled by the exception. She prefers to live her life with other rabbits t...
Sumi was bred to be a pelt rabbit and was confiscated by the SPCA from the breeder. She has never enjoyed being handled and has always been fearful of humans. SBRR attempted to reassure her that she was in no harm, but she is not having any of it. Sumi has joined others in the free roaming space at SBRR as she prefers the company of rabbits over that of humans. Now Sumi will sit and let you com...
Angel is a beatiful ruby eyed, white, long gray eared doe that is just as lovable as her name is. She was born in the hills of Aromas and came to SBRR with her mom and litter mates. She is going to double in size at least and be a big lovely hugable girl. She is very curious and affectionate and will need to be able to roam around freely to stretch those long legs of hers. ##186982##
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