Small pets and animals for sale in Watsonville, CA

Rascal was just a baby when he came to SBRR. His mother and siblings were rescued from a breeder who was using making 'raw' dog food. When the breeder lost his client, he neglected his rabbits and a concerned neighbor called us in. two of his sisters have been adopted, two of his sisters are waiting to be adopted and he is going to be altered soon so that he can find his forever family. He has ...
Tootsie was taken to the shelter to be surrendered but the owners could not afford to pay the required fee of $45.00 per rabbit. A woman was there with another rescue for kittens, overheard and offered to take them and bring them to SBRR. Ziggy is Tootsie's sister. She is a dwarf Hot Tot but only has the black ring around 1 of her exquisite blue eyes. ##136658##
Dakota was found sitting in the middle of Dominion Ave in the middle of the night by two young women who picked him up and brought him to SBRR. ##210796##
Austin was born underneath a shed in a backyard and the owners of the rabbits didn't even know about him until the day he popped out for a little bit of sunshine. He is an wonderful lop cross but he didn't lop. He is a great sturdy boy and a fuzzy cuddler. He does take time to warm up to you but once he does he will give you hugs and kisses all day long. ##189698##
Nutmeg is a lovely young doe that was surrendered to the Monterey SPCA because she was "destructive". Anything will be destructive if bored. Nutmeg does love to chew, but she has only chewed on her toys since she has been with SBRR. She enjoys her time outside to play and bink and will make anyone a adorable friend. ##202157##
Greyson was rescued from a meat farm. He was a breeding buck as he is a good big boy and had gorgeous big babies. He had a mass removed from his shoulder while at SBRR and lived in a screen room for 4 mnths with two cats. They all lived very well together and Greyson would come running to the door every time it opened to see what type of treat he was getting that day. He has since become a litt...
Luke is a stunning broken black buck. He is a teenager and is full of himself right now. Easily calms down when being held and loves cuddles. But as most teenage boys, would rather be outside running around being crazy. Very busy and needs lots of toys to keep him entertained. He is a good thick rabbit and is a joy to watch play. He is litterbox trained and does need time to be imprinted to his...
Simone was found as a stray in Salinas and entered the shelter on 12/8/17. She was easy to handle and they figured that she was about 1yr old. She is a fiesty lionhead cross and enjoys her toys. She likes to sun bathe and binky in the yard. She also has a nice time running through the house like a little mad bunny. She is going to be a nice addition to any home. ##202172##
Jewel was surrendered to the SPCA when the owner could no longer afford to care for her and her two other sisters. Jewel is a stunning white rabbit with exquisite ruby eyes. Please don't judge her for her looks, she doesn't judge you. Close your eyes and give her a hug and you will see that the Ruby Eyed Whites really do give the best bun hugs ever! ##202163##
Leia looks like she has been dusted with blacks and browns. She is white with the tips of her hair colored. She is currently pregnant and when she has weaned her kits will be spayed and available for adoption. ##136636##
Rusty was rescued by a good samaritan in the Almaden Foothills. He is a young buck and is such a lover. He is very playful and energetic and can clear a 24" X-pen in 1 leap. He gives good bunny kisses and is a exquisite Palomino Buck. ##204513##
Prada was the beloved pet of a man who unfortunately had to leave the country and could not take his rabbit with him. When he left, the rabbit was taken by his son and his wife who thought that they could take care of Prada. Their lifestyles and business have them out of the house for twelve + hours a day which is no life for Prada. So Prada was brought to SBRR in hopes of finding her a forever...
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