Greyson was rescued from a meat farm. He was a breeding buck as he is a great big boy and had lovely big babies. He had a mass removed from his shoulder while at SBRR and lived in a screen room for 4 mnths with two cats. They all lived very well together and Greyson would come running to the door every time it opened to see what type of treat he was getting that day. He has since become a littl...
Luke is a stunning broken black buck. He is a teenager and is full of himself right now. Easily calms down when being held and loves cuddles. But as most teenage boys, would rather be outside running around being crazy. Very busy and needs lots of toys to keep him entertained. He is a great thick rabbit and is a joy to watch play. He is litterbox trained and does need time to be imprinted to hi...
Jewel was surrendered to the SPCA when the owner could no longer afford to care for her and her two other sisters. Jewel is a stunning white rabbit with gorgeous ruby eyes. Please don't judge her for her looks, she doesn't judge you. Close your eyes and give her a hug and you will see that the Ruby Eyed Whites really do give the best bun hugs ever! ##202163##
Leia looks like she has been dusted with blacks and browns. She is white with the tips of her hair colored. She is currently pregnant and when she has weaned her kits will be spayed and available for adoption. ##136636##
Rusty was rescued by a good samaritan in the Almaden Foothills. He is a young buck and is such a lover. He is very playful and energetic and can clear a 24" X-pen in 1 leap. He gives good bunny kisses and is a gorgeous Palomino Buck. ##204513##
Prada was the beloved pet of a man who unfortunately had to leave the country and could not take his rabbit with him. When he left, the rabbit was taken by his son and his wife who thought that they could take care of Prada. Their lifestyles and business have them out of the house for twelve + hours a day which is no life for Prada. So Prada was brought to SBRR in hopes of finding her a forever...
Several rabbits and other species of animals were allowed to run wild without proper food, shelter or medical attention on an unattended piece of property in Richmond. Peter Rabbit was 1 of the rabbits that SBRR managed to rescue from the horrible ...
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